Dating While Married? Absolutely Not Illegal!

It is common to go through life single-handedly, blissfully knowing that you adore one another and enjoy being with each other, but sometimes, just like the birds who choose to sing in the morning, we seem to forget about our true calling. We live in a busy world, where every minute is an opportunity to gain a few social acquaintanceships or raise our profile on social-networking sites. But why stop dating while married? You still have plenty of time to satisfy all of those little “things” that you used to do before marriage. Your spouse may not appreciate them at first, but once you start opening up and sharing what really matters to you, he or she will surely open up to you in due time.

dating while married

Perhaps you’re just approaching the “old” stage in your dating life. If so, then congratulations – you’ve finally crossed the line into ” matured “stage”. You and your spouse should begin to focus more on the new relationship that you have created instead of your previous ones. When you date, it is okay to slow things down a bit. But if you’ve been married for quite some time, dating while married can provide you with a new and different experience than what you used to get from dating.

With that said, it is perfectly acceptable for you to take your spouse out on a nice dinner or simply spend quality time with him or her at home. It is no longer necessary for you to make yourself unavailable to your spouse when dating while married. It is perfectly okay to have a little fun with a friend or even go on a short date with her/him. Remember, your spouse knows you better than anyone else and he/she will appreciate the fact that you are being yourself (of course)! After all, your spouse is the one that gave you a home and has invested time and love into making you as happy as possible.

Another issue that you should keep in mind when dating someone else is whether or not it is considered cheating if you decide to pursue a relationship with him/her. As a general rule, the answer to this question is… no. People do not think about what would happen if they marry a person who was not their own spouse. Yes, there are people who have a divorce and become widows; but then, there are also people who have affairs with other people’s spouses after the divorce. In both situations, these people receive no negative consequences. Therefore, if you have decided that dating while married and having a fling is not right for you, then nothing illegal is happening!

If you have decided that dating while married and having a fling is a step you want to take, then your last decision should be whether or not to have children. If you are considering divorce and are trying to raise the children after the divorce, then chances are good that you will be seeking alimony or custody of the children. Alimony and/or custody payments may be lower if you have children, so your dating while married may not be worth it if you want to retain the same lifestyle and standard of living after the divorce that you had before the marriage. The lower the payments are, the less likely it is that you will need to seek custody and/or alimony as your divorce is finalized.

However, if you do want to date someone else after the divorce, then there is nothing illegal about it. Therefore, dating while married and having a fling is not against the law. In fact, many people decide to continue dating after a divorce if they feel that they still have something in common with their ex-spouse. So, if you find yourself torn between dating while married and having a fling, then it is completely up to you. Just remember to make sure that your spouse does not come between you and your new date(s).

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