How to Find a Blind Date

“blind date” is the first film that comes to mind when discussing Blind Dating, the 2021 comedy-drama starring Anjali Murthy and Eddie Kaye. The movie follows the perils of a blind date for three blind men: Danny (German), Dean (John Tutturro), and Bobby (Ware). The guys go on many blind dates over the course of several weeks, each one causing them discomfort and embarrassment. The movie was directed by Mike De Luca and starred Anjali Murthy, E.W. Smith, and John Tutturro.

blind dating

“Blind Date” follows the misadventures of Danny, a blind date parlor owner; Dean, a con artist; and Bobby, an obnoxious young man who insists on blind dating him. Danny suffers from a disability that leaves him unable to see. Though he often tries to adjust to his condition through medication and physical therapy, nothing seems to ease his pain. He also longs to be with a woman who understands and reciprocates his feelings. Unfortunately, no woman ever quite understands the pain that comes with love, so Danny opts to blind date instead.

When Dean takes a job as a live in, blind date parlor employee, Danny becomes determined to finally meet the woman who will understand him and his need for love. To this end, he approaches blonde stepmother Jackie (Daryl Hannah) who accepts the fact that the blind date won’t bring about any long-term relationship. She attempts to help her son by teaching him to enjoy his new status, but when she returns home, she discovers her son has gone astray. Now, Jackie must struggle with her own feelings and use her knowledge of the family to try and straighten things out for her stepson.

In most cases, blind dating works best when blind dates are used in a context other than the romantic sense. It can be just as effective as traditional dating when used correctly. For example, in a business setting, blind dating can be used as a sort of preliminary screening to select potential employees. Some employers make it a requirement that potential employees take a blind dating test before they are hired, others simply require that potential employees take the exam when they apply. By using the free online dating services that are available through many websites, the person interested in blind dating can do the preliminary screening without being subjected to judgment by others. In fact, the results of the test can serve as the first date!

Online dating apps also allow users to locate blind dates that suit their criteria. Users can search for blind dates based on location, interests, age, religion, education, etc. For example, a blind date could be found based on where the user lives, what kind of work they do, if they have children and so forth. Many of the free dating apps also give users a chance to rate blind dates for added competitiveness, which can help to eliminate some of the lowest hanging surprises.

It’s important to note that blind dating apps are not exclusively for the disabled. With the rise of the popularity of mobile access and accessibility to almost any information, including dating sites, the ability to find blind dates using these apps is becoming more common. Whether used as a preliminary screening process or in a way that leads to a first date, the ability to use online blind dating services has its benefits. By using a variety of these services, disabled individuals can enjoy greater flexibility and control over how and when they pursue their first date.

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