Dating Problems of the Gen Y And What To Do About Them

Social networking sites like MySpace dot com, Facebook dot com, and many others have turned out to be a major driving force in the growth of Internet dating. It is no longer strange to view profiles on these sites and read about what people have posted. There are even websites that allow its users to browse free of cost or at very low costs what they could attain through other means. These people browsing free of cost sites will have access to millions of other members already and many of them will have dating problems of one sort or another.

Many of these dating problems or hurdles can be overcome if the user has some basic idea about the working of these online dating websites. One of the most important things that should be understood by anyone who wants to seek friendship online is that there are certain characteristics which define a good online dating profile. These include things like the pictures uploaded on the page, whether the person is trying to project an air of mystery or if the profile is totally honest and open. Another important factor is to ensure that the profile page has an option of ‘profile link’ where a user can give out his/her email address and mobile number. It is also important to read the rules and regulations of the particular website before registering with it.

However, there is a major problem with this generation that is evident in all areas of life and that is the mindset to date. It seems that these young people spend their whole life trying to find that special someone to commit to. They use various dating apps, social media sites and chat rooms on the World Wide Web in the process. And when it comes to commitment they seem to be more inflexible and reluctant about the idea than any previous generation. This can be attributed to the fact that the older generations always had to face some form of rejection in their lives and that may have resulted in the generation not being as open and friendly to date as it should be.

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