Intimacy in Relationships – Why Good Enthusiasm is Not Enough

Healthy relationships take work. If you think that a healthy relationship is just a relationship in which both partners are happy, then you are mistaken. A healthy relationship is not only healthy on the surface, it’s also healthy on the inside. In a healthy relationship, you and your partner are satisfied with the way the relationship is going and are connected with each other. That might sound obvious, but a survey has estimated that at least 40% of relationships, especially, in the United States end in divorce due to unhappy couples who do not have the passion they expected in their relationship. In short, healthy relationship means a happy and contented couple who is able to communicate well with each other.

healthy relationship

You must also have a healthy relationship if you want to have a satisfying sex life. Happy couples know how to have fun and are in the right position to enjoy having sex. They know how to satisfy each other’s needs and fulfill their needs as a couple; they have a clear understanding about how to keep their partner happy and satisfy themselves.

Another major ingredient to a healthy relationship is trust. Lack of trust is one of the most common reasons for break ups and divorces. The best way to build trust between you and your partner is by spending more time apart from each other. Not only does this avoid the issues which may arise when you are together, it also helps you to regain your trust. If your partner is not ready to be away from you for some time, then it is time to take the next step and part from him/her.

Saltz also said that lack of physical intimacy can create more conflict in a relationship. He stated that physical intimacy was one of the causes of the break up and divorce and the absence of which often sparks arguments. He believes that the most healthy relationship is one that includes physical intimacy.

Boundaries are another important component to a healthy relationship. Boundaries set down boundaries that tell your partner that you are not okay with what he/she is doing. Without boundaries, your partner can easily maneuver out of your reach. It is important that you both clearly define your limits and set them so there is no misunderstanding. You should both know where you stand in your relationship and work on keeping those boundaries in place.

Building intimacy in your relationship does take work. There will be days when you cannot seem to overcome the barriers that keep you apart. However, if you are committed to a healthy relationship and want to have a happy, fulfilling, relationship then you need to put in that effort and be willing to make difficult choices.

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