Recognizing the Factors That Increases the Risk of Breakup

Romantic relationship is one of the most cherished states of one’s life. It is the state of mind that you spend with your loved one, especially during courtship. Romantic love or romance is an intense emotional feeling for, or an intense, strong, attraction towards a specific person, and all the courtship activities undertaken by an individual during this period to express these feelings and result emotions. The term “romantic relationship” can be used to depict any relationship in which the romantic element plays an important role.

There are various factors which influence on developing romantic relationships. Some of them include physical, emotional, psychological, social or even personal elements. Several studies have revealed that familiarity is one of the most important, but least explored, factor in forming romantic relationships. Individuals who have spent time together develop bonds based on shared experiences and thus remain attached to each other emotionally. However, it might be possible that familiarity does not last for long. The bonds may weaken due to environmental factors, for example, moving to different neighborhoods or schools, working in different fields, or following different careers.

Another factor which influences on the growth of romantic relationships is interpersonal communication. Individuals feel the need to communicate more as their relationship develops and they find themselves drawn towards each other. Interpersonal communication helps couples express their feelings to each other, understand each others needs and feelings, and establish a solid foundation of relationships.

Several factors contribute to relationship deterioration, for instance, conflict, abuse, jealousy and loss of interests. Similarly, same-sex couples also face various problems like less intimacy, communication, trust, and appreciation. Same-sex couples are vulnerable to the same kinds of relationship deterioration, which is evident in marriage counseling for gay men and lesbians. The tendency of same-sex couples to form romantic relationships is influenced by several factors. In addition, both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples may be exposed to violence, discrimination, and hate speech; furthermore, they also experience less intimacy as well.

In order to prevent relationship deterioration, individuals must work on strengthening the foundations of their relationships. They must also accept one another and learn to support each other during times of crisis. Healthy romantic relationships allow partners to feel emotionally connected and have deep connections with each other. Healthy relationships help individuals grow and mature by sharing positive and constructive feedback, opening up to one another, having compassion, empathy, understanding, and respect.

Although every relationship experience is unique, learning how to identify the factors which influence a relationship’s success or failure can help couples build a stronger and healthier relationship. Couples can also strengthen their relationships through enhancing interpersonal communication, accepting one another, building strong foundations, building healthy relationships, experiencing passion, sharing delight, growing together and enriching their intimate life. Learning to recognize and change harmful behaviors and attitudes will help couples enhance their relationship. Couples who take action to solve relationship problems can prevent the deterioration of their relationships.

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